The Planning Plan – March Goals

We have been saving for our ’round the world trip for a long time. We opened the dedicated savings account in September 2012. Every month we dump money into it and slowly watch it grow. With the trip being so far off, there hasn’t been a lot we can do the way of “planning” aside from saving saving saving. To keep myself motivated, I read dozens of travel blogs and articles every week, I obsessively research countries and regions, and I spend way too much time thinking about exactly what my travel wardrobe is going to look like. When I focus on a goal, I tend to do it pretty intensely.

The first two months of 2014 have flown by, and while we did get this blog up and running, we’ve been posting less often than we’d like. We suddenly find ourselves 10 months from our planned departure. The trip itself is still a long way off, but now there are planning tasks we actually need to do. With this in mind, I will be posting a monthly update on our preparations. I’m hoping this will keep us on track for everything we need to do in order to pack up our lives and galavant around the world for a year. It will also be another reason to focus on writing posts here. I think it’s pretty important for both James and I to get in the habit of posting before we leave if we have any hope of keeping up with this blog once we’re on the road.

Aside from saving saving saving, here are some things we are working on this month that will get us closer to being ready:

  • Immunization research – I am pulling together information on recommended vaccinations that long-term travelers should get, and which ones we have and which ones we need. I’m researching prices, and we’re going to make an appointment with a travel doctor either this month or next. Some shots, like Hepatitis A, are given up to 6 months apart, so it’s good to get this process started early.
  • General health care – I’ve recently been to the dentist and I have a routine appointment I need to make with my regular doctor. James hasn’t been to the dentist in a few years and I’m nagging him to go…I want us to be up to date and in good health while we still have health insurance from our employers.
  • Selling stuff on eBay – We have been more or less in decluttering mode for a long time, even before we came up with the idea to travel long term. Despite that, we do have quite a lot of stuff. I’ve been putting aside some items for a few months that I think we can sell rather than donate, so my goal for this month is to get those listed on eBay and hopefully add even more to the trip fund.

I’ll post an update in April of what we actually accomplished and what is next. Even if almost no one is reading this yet, posting this still helps make me feel accountable!

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