So, what’s all this then?

OurElsewhere.com is a blog about life and travel.

We are currently planning a trip around the world, scheduled to depart in early 2015. The purpose of writing all this down and putting it out into the world is to document our lives over the next few years and share the stories and experiences we have along the way. We want to document the planning and preparations for a gap year of travel, the trip itself, and what it is like to settle back down and re-adjust to a more rooted life.

We love to travel, but there is more to travel than picturesque beaches and selfies at famous landmarks (though that is obviously a very important element). We want to show you the excitement of going new places, the challenges of long term travel, the sheer awe and terror of exiting your comfort zone, and the hilarious mishaps.*

We also want to show you what lies around and between all of that.

 *Important note: these are often not hilarious at the time.

And just who do you think you are?

I am James












I am Katie


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